TimeQuest’s Missions

Here at TimeQuest HQ, we are looking for new recruits for a series of missions we have coming up. As an intergovernmental time protection agency we have been tasked with the important mission of protecting the space-time continuum from the malevolent Sniglets. Due to a recent spike in Sniglet activity we are looking to recruit agents who believe they have the physical, logical and creative skills to solve the clues and complete the necessary mission objectives.

Think you have what it takes to be a TimeQuest Agent? Then take a look at the missions page to find the right mission for you and your team…

Agent 101

Date25th July 1987
LocationTimeQuest HQ, UK
Objective:  Retake your final exam and make sure you pass and qualify as a TimeQuest agent…again!!

Saving Operation Neptune

Date5th June 1944

LocationEngland, UK
Objective:  Allied communications have been disrupted by the Sniglets on the eve of the greatest sea-born invasion in history! This is a find and fix mission.


The Quest To Save Camelot

Date: 7th November 1200 AD
Time: 12.56
LocationEngland, UK
Objective:  Save the code of chivalry by repairing the damage caused by the Sniglets!