The Quest to Save Camelot

Date & Time: 7th November 1200AD, 12:56

Game Information: A timeless game, accessible to all. If you like the Crystal Maze you will love Camelot (unusual solutions required). Accessible to any to any player, playing as part of a family/adult team. Same aged teams should be at least 11-13 years old and adult supervision is required. Please call if unsure.

Objective: Save the code of chivalry by repairing the damage caused by the Sniglets!

More information about the Quest to Save Camelot

Welcome Charlie Team,

There has been a lot of activity from the Sniglets over the past few hours. Intel has reported that the Sniglets have returned back to Medieval times to Camelot and the court of King Arthur. What we have been able to intercept and decipher is that they are planning to cause chaos in Camelot by destroying the brotherhood of the Knights of the Round Table. Both King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are powerful symbols of the knightly code and our heritage. Allowing the Sniglets to tamper and ultimately fracture the code of chivalry would cause chaos to the order we know today.

Your mission is simple, return to Camelot and repair the fracture caused by the Sniglets. You will need to draw on your training to ensure you complete your mission and return to the present day within the 60 minute time window.

As always good luck and stay safe.