Date & Time: 17th May 3017, 13:00

Location: TimeQuest HQ, UK

Objective: Shut down the system and RESET our tracking network!

More information about RESET

Welcome Delta Team,

Listen up agents, Intel believe the Sniglets have managed to develop a series of robots capable of hacking our central Computer. An essential component to our world-wide tracking network. We fear that we may end up being the ones watched, if this is not rectified ASAP! The only course of action we have available at this time is to shut down the central tracking hub and replace the infected equipment. The Innovations team have come up with a series of fail-safe protocols that need to be reset. As always you have only a 60-minute window in which to complete the task and RESET our tracking network. We hope your team is ready, as this is without doubt our most challenging mission yet.

As always good luck and stay safe.