Agent 101

Date & Time: 25th July 1987, 08:00

Game Information: An old school escape game which is accessible to all players, new and experienced. It has been designed to showcase how you play escape games and includes a range of puzzles and locks. Enjoyed by players of any level and a perfect choice for family groups, new players and teams with younger members.

Objective: Go back to 1987, located and recover the missing information and return safely!

More information about Agent 101

Welcome Alpha Team,

As our most decorated and successful squad, we need your full attention for this next mission. We believe your lives are in danger and if not rectified your involvement with TimeQuest could cease to exist!! While monitoring the space-time continuum our analysts have noticed a number of odd time shifts occurring around the same period of time. Information from our intelligence agents, suggests that the Sniglets are attempting to eradicate your involvement with TimeQuest. We believe they are targeting your final exam, in an attempt to stop you graduating from the TimeQuest Academy. We don’t need to emphasise how important this mission is, not only for you as a team but for the history of TimeQuest

Your missions is simple, return to the day of your final exam and qualify as a TimeQuest agent. As you may remember your final test is a culmination of the numerical, cognitive and physical techniques you learned in your three years of training. Our window for this mission is small, meaning you will only have 60 minutes to complete the mission and return to TimeQuest HQ.

As always good luck and stay safe.