Online Team Building for an Online World

Luckily at TimeQuest we know a thing or two about group dynamics. To be fair we should as we have been working with teams for the past 10 years and hosting successful team events at TimeQuest HQ for the past five! For us escape rooms offer a fantastic platform for helping groups grow and develop into successful teams. We are so convinced by this statement that we have partnered with Dr Kimberley Humphrey at AptMind, to help us combine the latest social and psychological research with the thrill of escape room games.

Our new partnership has enabled us to develop a series of unique online experiences that aim to help teams continue to develop valuable interpersonal and team skills from the comfort and safety of your sofa. We are just putting the finishing touches on the experience and we will be rolling out details over the next few weeks.

For more information either drop us an email at or give us a call at 01622 872627.