Lab 42 (Part 1 of The Helix Project)

Date & Time: 15th September 2023

Location: Paddock Wood, Kent

Objective: Infiltrate Dr Maker’s top secret laboratory, retrieve the evidence and get out.

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Welcome Golf Team, 

Agents I hope you are ready for your next mission. For the past 5 years Dr Maker has been spearheading a groundbreaking research project focused on genetic engineering, and protecting a number of endangered species. However we have good reason to believe that this is not all they have been doing!! We have recently received intelligence that they could be genetically engineering designer animals. and selling them on the black market. Now we cannot be 100% sure this intel is accurate, which is where you come in! Your mission is to infiltrate their top secret laboratory, confirm our suspicions and get out. 


As always time is of the essence, so we hope you are ready! Good luck and stay safe.