With father’s day fast approaching we wanted to create something in honour of all the father’s that regularly visit TimeQuest HQ , so we give you Merlin’s Challenge. A short game designed to give puzzly-good vibes to your weekend, while also giving you a unique way to lock down any treats you may wish to give. While the game is designed with the use of a 4-digit padlock this is not entirely necessary if you are happy to designate a games master to hold the final code.

What will you need to play

  • Merlin’s Challenge file – either displayed on a electronic device or printed out from HERE
  • If you wish to lock a treat away – A lockable container that is opened using a 4 digit number, this does not need to be fancy, a four digit number padlock combined with a chain works wonders.

How do I set it with a lockable container?

  • Collect all the needed items, place the gift you wish to give in your lockable container. You will need to set the code, see the spoiler note at the end.
  • Lock the container, set the lock to zero and provide the recipient with the container and puzzle pages.
  • Observe from distance how they work through your little challenge, basking in your genius 😉


  • Do I need a lockable box? Nope, the game can still be played by nominating a holder of the code, who passes on the prize once the correct code is obtained.
  • What if we get stuck? We have included a couple of hints HERE
  • Do I need physical copies to play? Nope the game can be played on screen if you prefer.
  • Do I need a colour printer? Nope, we tried to make sure the game was playable without colour.
  • Do I have to lock a present away? Absolutely not, playing for the fun of it is also welcomed….encouraged actually

*Final Answer Spoiler*

Final answer: 9346