INTEL REPORT: Sniglet activity detected in the South of England on the eve of the Allied Invasion of German occupied France. We believe the course of World War 2 is in doubt, Bravo Team to be dispatched at 09:00.
LATEST UPDATE: Activity detected on the 30th July 1966 – Intel reports that the Sniglets have managed to correct the decision of the Russian linesman of the Football World Cup Final leading to a final score of England 2- 3 West Germany. Indigo team has been despatched to rectify.
INTEL REPORT: activity detected from the Sniglets in the Court of King Arthur. We believe they have destroyed the legendary Round Table, a powerful symbol of the knightly code of chivalry. Further action to follow.
LATEST UPDATE: Activity detected on 2nd November 2035. Intel believe that the twin space ship habitation mission to Mars is in serious jeopardy! We believe the Sniglets have snuck on board, teams Echo 1 and Echo 2 have been despatched to investigate.