Elf Magic 4: Claus for Concern

Date & Time: 23rd December 2023, 23:00

Location: The North Pole

Objective: Complete The Guardians challenges, release The Key and save Christmas

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Attention Echo Team 

We’ve received a bit of a unique distress call from Santa Claus himself. He reports that the Guardians, a special group of 12 elves tasked with protecting The Key, are refusing to proceed with the releasing ceremony. To quickly bring you up to speed, The Key is a magically infused item that allows holder to move from house to house undetected. At precisely one hour before Christmas Eve all Guardians of The Key meet to complete the ceremony, and activate the first portal before passing the key to Santa Claus for his deliveries. We are told that the Guardians have become so disenchanted with the state of the world that they believe Christmas should be cancelled! The only way they will proceed with the ceremony is if we are able to put the fun back into the world and convince the Guardians that Christmas should go ahead. This is where you come in agents. To prove we are worthy each Guardian has laid down a challenge which you must complete in order to release them. As always time is of the essence and you only have a 60 minute window to save Christmas. We hope you are ready! 

Good luck and stay safe,