Elf Magic

Date & Time: 23rd December 2019, 06:00

Location: North Pole Outpost

Objective: The elite elf squad needs your help! Only apply if you believe…

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Welcome Echo Team,

Listen up agents, Intel has received a most unusual request! Alabaster Snowball, head of the elves, has sent us a distress call! From the information we have received, we know that the Sniglets have captured members of his elite elf squad and weakened their powers. I don’t have to remind you that without their magic they cannot report back to the North Pole. We need you to head out to their last known location and help in any way you can. As always you have only a 60minute window to achieve your mission and help save the day! We hope your team is ready, as only you can elf them

As always good luck and stay safe,