Elf Magic 3: Up to Snow Good!

Date & Time: 23rd December 2022, 09:00

Location: North Pole

Objective: Report to the Toy Production centre & fix Jolly Gumdrop’s mess!

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Welcome Echo Team,

This could not have come at a worse time!! We are just one hour away from finishing off this years toy production, but Jolly Gumdrop has managed to cause the toy machine’s polarity to reverse. Sucking all of the elves into the machine and halting our toy production in its tracks! We don’t have to remind you that if we do not meet our toy quote in the next hour then we will be ruining Christmas for millions of nice children. As the best in class we need you to report to the Toy Production centre and fix the mess that Jolly Gumdrop has made. 

We hope you are ready agents! As always good luck and stay safe.